Principio de incertidumbre / Uncertainty principle, 2014

CoMbO (La Fragua). Córdoba

The exhibition is an experience develop through La Fragua artist residency (Belalcázar). It is a visual representation of an open diary, like a vital path marked.
Winning project of the University of Cordoba – La Fragua 2014 grant for photography.

As we know, the uncertainty principle or the relation of indeterminacy pronounced by Heisemberg, comes to define the impossibility of accuracy –based on quantic parameters- when defining the position of an object by arithmetic progression which relates technical accuracy to physical inaccuracy, i.e.; the more parameters of reference we collect about something the less chances we have of knowing it with accuracy, due to the amplification of its nuances. This could be applied without question to our knowledge of the world and judgements arising from this experience.